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February 7, 2024
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By Raleigh Duttweiller A little education in the right field goes a surprisingly long way for a military spouse. We discovered these ten great jobs that you can get with an Associate’s Degree through your MyCAA benefit.

All of these are jobs that you can find anywhere, so no need to worry about being limited to the geography of your base. Moreover, they’re all in demand in today’s job market. No matter what your skills or interest, one of these jobs is bound to be a good match for you as you get started with your new career.

1. Graphic Designer

You’ve always had an eye for design or a desire to doodle. And you know your way around Photoshop, even if you can’t afford to own a legit copy yourself. Your spouse is always bugging you to design the unit t-shirt. Guess what: You are, essentially, a graphic designer.

So give yourself the degree to go with it and start earning a salary that will add considerable comfort to your bank account. Most entry-level graphic designer jobs pay $25, 000-$57, 000, making the two-year investment on your way to an Associate’s completely worth it.

Plus, a job as a graphic designer is one that grows with you. While you’ll start out as a junior designer or an associate, you can work your way through the ranks to senior designer – and then you can start thinking about bringing in $83, 000 a year.

2. Registered Nurse

One good thing about military bases is that, like schools and car dealers, there are always hospitals nearby. And that’s a great place to get started with an associate’s degree in nursing.

When you’re just starting out, you can expect to make between $30, 000-$60, 000, and all the while you get to help people, too. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand for nurses and LPNs is one of the fastest growing occupations in the country.

Bonus point: While a two-year degree can get you in the door, a four-year nursing degree will significantly elevate your job opportunities. So while you’re getting the ropes of the job down, look for an employer who might help defray the cost of getting your Bachelor’s, too.

3. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists (who you probably know as the super helpful person digging around in your mouth before the dentist comes in) have the kind of job flexibility most milspouses crave. Many work only part-time. You’ll clean teeth, talk shop to the patients in the chair, inevitably calm them down about that dental machinery noise they’re really afraid of. You may even gain experience administering anesthetics or working on fillings. All in all, a great job for a people person with a cheery attitude – and someone who really likes clean teeth. Pay ranges

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