Best Websites for Graphic Designers

December 31, 2015

obi6pi8g7ofpgxbzzkvkWe have it: The best resources for graphic designers who want to master typography! With the Mastering Type bundle, you’ll learn everything from the history of type, to terminology, to charts and guides, to examples and categories of new type to use in your design projects.

Every month, we search the high seas of the internet to bring you a list of the best websites for designers. This month, we found the websites detailed below to be exceptionally intriguing for two reasons: the appeal of the thoughtful, beautiful design, and the fact that some of these sites aim to educate. Among them you’ll find a site where you can discover the details behind a new web font every day, and a redesigned website for the always-educational Design Matters with Debbie Millman. Plus, you’ll find a resource of code that may just become your new best friend.

Learning is a lifelong process for everyone, so HOW is always appreciative of those creating more learning opportunities and educational resources for graphic designers.

It’s hard to ignore and becomes memorable with touches like the changing color gradient and very large, transparent play buttons.

A thorough resource of code for popular HTML symbols, providing a nice grid vs. table layout option.

This graphic design firm creates immediate engagement by animating their logotype in a variety of ways (hit refresh on their homepage).

Simple bands of moving project images are featured on this creative agency’s site.

A portfolio website, resource and blog for Lindsay Humes’ design services. Also includes a shop of themes.

A highly kinetic homepage introduces you to experimental design when you click each line of type. (Though, the jarring movement makes it almost hard to look at.)


More Resources – Free E-books
8 Winning Examples of Brand Strategy in Packaging Design
7 Archetypes that Established Brand Identity

  • Introduction to Web Design (beginner level)
  • Web Design for Intermediate Users (intermediate level)
  • Introduction to Responsive Website Design

These courses are video-based and allow you to learn at your own pace on your own time. There are no start/end dates to the courses, once you purchase the courses, you will have indefinite access to the courses.

Bill and Rhonda Sterrett: Tech Support for Graphic Designers
Bill and Rhonda Sterrett: Tech Support for Graphic Designers
Gestalt Theory for Graphic Designers
Gestalt Theory for Graphic Designers
GFX - Best graphic designer online free for you
GFX - Best graphic designer online free for you
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