Best Jobs for Graphic designers

December 1, 2015
No. 10: Graphic Designers

Types of graphic design jobsOne of the most famous pearls of wisdom ever uttered by 6th Century Chinese philosopher, Confucius, went like this: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

And just as Confucius bounced around from philosopher to politician to author to teacher, his approach to finding the right career is just as pertinent today as you map out your future. While you decide what you want to for the rest of your life, it makes perfect sense to seek opportunities in the areas you already enjoy.

If you’re a creative, tech-savvy individual with an artistic background, you’ve probably considered working in graphic design. Careers in this field will allow you to exercise your imagination alongside your technical skills on a daily basis.

What you may not know is there are several types of graphic design jobs out there. This article will introduce you to eight graphic design positions of which you may be unaware. Becoming familiar with these opportunities will give you a better idea of how you can leverage your creativity for a career you truly enjoy!

Specialist graphic design positions

Advancements in technology have drastically changed the landscape of the graphic design industry. While the option still exists to be a jack-of-all-trades and dabble in multiple facets of the field, more and more opportunities are emerging for specialists to thrive.

What’s more, specialists generally have the potential to earn more money than those with general skills. This means you won’t have to choose between personal satisfaction and financial stability.

Do we have your attention yet? Let’s get acquainted with the types of graphic design jobs that could be yours.

1. Creative services manager* ($75, 000 - $111, 750/year**)

Individuals holding these positions likely have at least three years of experience under their belts. The main role of the creative services manager is to serve as liaison between senior management and the creative department within an organization.

The creative services manager oversees the entire project, ensuring all deadlines are met and budgets are kept. It’s their responsibility to deliver a quality product to the senior management team, while also maintaining an efficient work environment for creative personnel.

2. Email marketing designer ($51, 000 - $72, 250/year)

These professionals are tasked with designing and executing engaging email communications and promotions for an organization. Email marketing designers work closely with other designers, user interface specialists, writers and marketing managers to ensure strategies are fulfilled and brand standards are upheld.

It’s important for email marketing designers to understand the principals of design, user experience and user interface, while also having significant knowledge and experience with HTML and CSS.

3. Flash designer/developer ($60, 500 - $88, 500/year)

These specialists create interactive online content, including advertisements, games and other rich Internet applications. Flash designers test, implement and maintain dynamic website elements using Flash and Actionscript.

Graphic Designer Job Description (Get Paid)
Graphic Designer Job Description (Get Paid)
Manpower has "JOBS" for 200 Graphic Designers & 150
Manpower has "JOBS" for 200 Graphic Designers & 150 ...
Popular Jobs for Graphic Designers
Popular Jobs for Graphic Designers
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