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December 1, 2020
Dennis Adelmann

Vladimir Strajnic's illustrated portfolio designPersonal portfolio websites are crucial nowadays if you want to make a name for yourself in creative circles. A good portfolio design can make the difference between you and another creative professional with similar qualifications. Employers these days like to know what you are capable of before they hire you. Why not put your best foot forward by creating a fantastic portfolio website?

Personal portfolio websites can be fun and creative yet effective in communicating to potential clients that you mean business. A strong portfolio design can show visitors to your site what you are capable of; it could even show off your personality and your work ethic, if you so please. In this article, we have brought together 20 personal portfolio designs that we felt were just stunning. If you are looking for inspiration, you may not have to look further than this post.

Ryan Keiser's colorful personal portfolio websiteSo get your notepad and marker pens ready. Get ready to explore some of the coolest personal portfolios that the web world has to offer. Before that you might also want to check our list of 20 best portfolio designs.

Chris Thurman

Here is a single page personal portfolio website that makes an impact without eating up too much space. A catchy slogan hits the viewer on the homepage, as you lower you gaze there is a short introduction to Chris Thurman, a web and UI designer. There is navigation at the top of the page, but you can scroll down as well, check out Chris’ services, admire his projects, click for an expanded view and finally contact him for a job. This is portfolio design executed well.

Anders Hojland Mikkelsen

Anders is into art direction and design, and by his own confession, “wants to be great.” His portfolio site has a basic homepage with the logo and menu bar taking up almost half of the landing page and then being followed by a thumbnail layout of his projects. These thumbnails are placed askew. Click on them, or on any other link for that matter, and images and information slide into view. The overall effect is classy and high impact.

Newcastle-Website-Design-Graphic-Design-Portfolio-by-NSW ...
My Personal Graphic Design Portfolio
My Personal Graphic Design Portfolio
Newcastle Website Design, Graphic Design Portfolio by NSW
Newcastle Website Design, Graphic Design Portfolio by NSW ...
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