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May 30, 2021
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Did You Know.Full Sail University offers online degree programs in computer animation, game art, and game design?

Tampa, Florida, with over 80, 000 commercial businesses and a population exceeding 335, 000, is an ideal home town for many resident artists pursuing careers in graphic design. Companies throughout the city of Tampa hire graphic design professionals for numerous assorted visual tasks.

Tampa Schools and Training Programs for Graphic Design

Quite a few colleges and Universities in Tampa, Florida offer degree programs in graphic design (technically known as Communications Design). Popular local educational options include DG Erwin Technical Center, Florida Metropolitan University, International Academy of Design & Technology and University of Tampa.

Many schools offer graphic design training and degree programs online. Among the most successful nationwide examples are The Art Institutes, ITT Tech, University of Phoenix and DeVry. Some Florida graphic designers obtain degrees at Full Sail University, a popular online design college with a campus near Winter Park.

Local graphic designers often earn degrees in visual communications or fine arts. A typical Communications Design degree program in Tampa, Florida would include courses in computer science, website design, digital art, photography, animation, technical drawing, typography and printmaking, as well as professional graphic design software applications.

Working as a Graphic Designer in Tampa, Florida

The city of Tampa, Florida maintains a healthy demand for professional graphic designers. Communications design determines the visual appearance of brand logos, promotional materials, cover art, web pages and product packaging, as well as billboards, road signs, textile patterns, visual assembly instructions and more.

Many Tampa, Florida graphic designers are employed by top ad agencies like Axxis Advertising, 22-Squared, Lord & Lasker, Pyper-Paul-&-Kenney and Schifino-Lee. Other local designers collaborate with Tampa movie producers like Crosscut Films, G&N Works, Spectrum Productions, Tri Dimensional Animation and Zeitgeist. Professional graphic designers in Tampa, Florida can also work for art galleries, news syndicates, inventors, software companies, colleges, publishers, manufacturers, construction contractors, architects, realtors, internet start-ups and many other commercial organizations.

USA companies support more than a quarter million graphic designers. Around half of them earn between $30, 000 and $60, 000 a year. The starting salary of a graphic designer is partially determined by educational background, professional experience and raw skills. The employer's final hiring decision is made upon reviewing the quality of the designer's portfolio, a visual collection of the designer's best professional work.

Skills of a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is the use of imagery to send messages. Graphic designers use pictures to communicate with target markets by manipulating visual elements to achieve a specific human response. Most graphic design jobs involve page layout, which is determining the size, color, location, orientation and other attributes of objects within a limited area. Professional graphic designs covey a meaning more decisive than mere words could achieve.

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