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April 18, 2016
Andrew Jepkes - Grown

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone loves to listen to an engaging story.

A good story is relatable. It sets the mood and engages the target audience to resonate with your message. A successfully communicated story entices the audience to participate.

About Marni

As Chief Creative Designer, Marni is a seasoned Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer, based in Denver, CO who Graphically Tells Your Story. As a graphic designer (identity/logo maker), Marni is privileged to help businesses grow by building a solid branding program and consistent graphic design that stands out and gets noticed. Marni Myers Creative provides just enough information to make your audience act – to contact you for more of that special something, that only your unique organization provides.

Whether it’s a brand identity, brochure or website, the end results should showcase you in the right light so your target audience understands the value your business provides. They will be ready to listen to the story you wish to tell.

Robert Taylor Professional Design Grant

MMC was awarded a design grant to develop Creative Problem Solving Workshops. We are giving back to the community by utilizing our seasoned creative skills and educating businesses, schools and organizations on the value of using creative thinking in the work place.

Graphic Design Awards

We were given 10 notable awards over the course of six years from Graphic Design USA Publication – *American Graphic Design Awards. Projects include Integrated Branding Programs, brochures, invitations, identities, website design and direct mail. Check out these projects in our Portfolio.

About-grantBusiness Training and Development

We frequently attend workshops, seminars and training sessions to build our skill set and to offer additional services to our clients. Recent business development includes a Facilitation by Design workshop, Toastmasters International speaker training and ToP Facilitation Methods workshop.

Denver Graphic Designer (identity/logo maker)
At Marni Myers Creative in Denver, CO, we customize creative brands for businesses, schools and organizations and together we partner to grow their business and achieve stellar results. Client projects in our include Identity, Branding, Print and Interactive.


Healthcare – Colorado Health Institute, National Jewish Health, University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System, Patient Transition Pathways, Medicolegal Consulting International, Sunquest Information Systems, Care Touch, CPAP Medicare, Advanced Skincare, Inner Connected Health, Rishi’s Crossing Yoga, True North Nutrition

Education – Colorado Academy Admissions (*American Graphic Design Award for Search Brochure), University of Denver, Colorado Academy Summer Programs, SparkIt Studios (*American Graphic Design Award for Integrated Branding Program), Neighborhood Music Stapleton

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