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September 16, 2015
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We wanted to get a fresh opinion on the age old Mac vs. PC debate so we took the task to the great people at Amazon Mechanical Turk. Being web designers, we posed the question specifically with graphic and web design in mind. This is what we asked.

Short and sweet right? We got a total of 32 answers to our question before the project expired. Two of those answers were useless. Out of the 30 people, 13 chose PC while the other 17 people recommended a Mac for graphic design.

If you’re interested in why each person preferred one machine over the other, continue reading below. Other than fixing a few spelling errors, these responses were left intact as the author submitted them to us.

People who preferred PC said:

PC is better for graphic design, I’m a graphic designer and know the reasons. PC has a variety of options, specs, quality, prices, and vendors while a Mac has limited options, is much more expensive, repairing a Mac is more expensive and there’s only one vendor. Macs use a subset PC hardware so technically items like the graphics card are the same on both PC and Mac. I’ve used both PC and Mac for graphic design while at the university and there’s not really much difference, I got the work done and did well.

PC. Many more options/ programs available for help, not very familiar with Mac but it was more difficult to use.

PC is better than MAC, because anyone can easily learn about anything in PC but MAC has some difficulty. And also PC is user-friendly.

PC, I have used PC and found most software compatible with it.

PC. You have all the abilities and applications to design websites or graphics just as well as the Mac, without all the pretentiousness.

PCs, they can do everything a Mac can, and are cheaper.

PC, because MACS are

  1. too expensive
  2. mostly have the same system stuff installed

Although Mac has a better graphics board, I find a PC easier to work with. It allows me to work with basic programs and commands are easy.

The PC is, in my opinion, better. I believe they’re near equal since the vast majority of software can be run on both, but PC’s are less expensive. Most people I know would choose the Mac as they believe Macs are more for graphic & media work while PC’s are meant for more traditional work. Were I to make a website I would use the Adobe suite and as such could be equally happy on either system.

PC because it is easily accessible.

For web/graphic design the PC is better…because if using advanced techniques and web search, it’s faster and better.


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