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May 7, 2015
Rubber Stamp Laser Engraving

This technology doesn’t require external chiller units (under 50W), lamp changes, and many of the other somewhat tedious upkeep procedures that other systems do. Simple periodic filter changes and basic cleaning techniques will keep your industrial laser running optimally for a very long time. F-Series industrial laser systems also have the benefit of a very long lifespan. These are a popular choice not only for heavy industrial applications, but also for smaller job shops as well. Buy Now, or get a Free Price Quote, on our ProWriter™ F-Series Fiber IR Industrial laser marking equipment and engraver machine. Financing Available with our competitive loan program.

Production First Warranty™ Plan

All new machines purchased come with our 2 Year Production First Warranty™ Plan

  • No more stocking parts or waiting for Purchase Orders
  • An entire replacement assembly will be shipped to you within 24-48 hours of error diagnosis!
  • Your continued production is our top priority
  • Download our flyer below for full terms and details

Priority Assurance Agreement™
Silver, Gold & Platinum plans available

  • Industry’s first guaranteed 24-48 hour service program (parts are tested, packed & ready to ship with 24-48 hours of diagnosis)
  • Reduce production down time
  • Avoid delays due to complex purchasing procedures
  • Eliminates customer stocking and cash flow issues
  • 10% off any parts or services not included in agreement
  • 10% off new laser equipment purchased while in the program
  • Special 24/7 phone number to bypass the service queue for immediate service and attention
Free Sample Testing Services

Need a Sample?

We offer additional Laser Power Levels and Focal Lenses if required for a specific application. Control Laser will determine the optimum laser configuration for each application through an absolutely Free Sample Testing study.

Prices shown do not cover the cost of environmental testing unless specifically so stated.
Price & Delivery shown is our best estimate at the time of quotation and is subject to possible revision at the time of order, due to a change of conditions between the date of the quotation and the time a firm order is received.
Any purchase order resulting from this quotation is subject to credit acceptance by Control Laser Corporation.
See Control Laser’s Selling Policy for terms and conditions.
Product Warranty: For North American shipments see National Warranty statement and for International shipments see International Warranty statement. Delivery/Lead time is approximately 8-10-weeks from receipt of payment.

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