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February 6, 2017
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Grafityp's commitment to exceptional products is evident in our laser engraving machines and engraving software. Our after-sales support and service on all our laser engraving machines sets us apart. We aim to ensure clients are able to get the best return on investment for their business...

The LaserPro C180 desktop laser engraving and laser marking machine is designed for marking items such as badges, pens leather goods, plaques and other corporate gifts as well as signage. Underneath the stylish exterior is a full 18"x 12" (460 x 305 mm) working area. Engraving depth can be easily extended from the normal 4 to 6 inches in less than a minute. The C180 is an all-purpose laser engraving system that delivers spectacular engraving and cutting results.

•Trophies and Awards • Rubber stamps • Name tags • Gift items • Key rings • Small signage • Metal parts • Glass / Crystal engraving • Paper Products etc.

The C180 utilises high performance Closed-loop DC servo motors for precise and fast carriage movement combined with a reliable motion system to produce exceptionally accurate outputs


A Patented TrueImage feature presents image engravings in its most vivid form by employing a uniquely designed laser firing algorithm.

Open Front Door Design

The top cover coupled with the front door open design allows easy loading of working pieces.


The "Drag-N-Engrave" feature greatly reduces the complex set up procedures and allows the users to directly drag the lens carriage to the starting point of a job.

RoHS Compliance

As a market leader and an environment-friendly product manufacturer, GCC is committed to make all-out efforts to preserve the global environment. Our products are compliant with the European Parliament Directive 2002/95/EC, Restriction of Hazardous Substances(RoHS).

Drag & Engrave

Simple and Intuitive Control Panel

A user-friendly menu-driven interface system simplifies operation. Hot keys design and job status display facilitates your work and makes it clear and easy to carry out.

Built-in SmartBox™ (Patented)

The built-in SmartBox™ feature produces a downward pulling force to keep light items in place creating a stable working environment.*Available on full version only.


  • Spacious 18” X 12” (458mm X 309mm) working area
  • Closed-loop DC servo control for accurate and rapid movement
  • TrueImage innovation produces exceptional engraving quality
  • Prestored parameters setting database by material
  • Intuitive Drag-N-Engrave feature
  • Optional LaserPro Mac plugin software
  • Available in 12, 30, 40 Watt power options
  • 2 year LaserPro machine warranty
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