What Companies hire Graphic designers?

May 19, 2015
Hiring a Graphic Designer

companies that hire graphic designersMany companies hire graphic designers, but those who are actively pursuing either a degree or job in this field might wonder exactly what types of companies are most likely to hire them and which industries are growing fast enough to provide ample job opportunities. As the economy rebounds, there are some great areas of opportunity for skilled graphic designers in both the online and print worlds, and many of these jobs are in some of the most stable, most traditional sectors of the economy. Before getting started with a job hunt, consider focusing on these key industries.

Internet and Software Development Companies

Websites are no good in the modern world if they don’t offer a rich graphical experience. The good news for graphic designers is that most of those charged with writing code for a website simply aren’t as talented when it comes to producing graphic and visual representations that enhance usability. Graphic design services are therefore required at firms large and small, many of which are growing at very fast rates. Internet design firms make up a significant portion of the tech sector and work for major companies like CNN, Microsoft, Apple, and numerous others. Their work has far-reaching implications online.

Advertising Firms

Most advertising firms are split between copy people, who write the text of the advertisement, and art people, who are responsible for translating text into an engaging set of images. Graphic designers get a unique opportunity here: They can actually leverage their skills and create work for both print and digital advertisements. As a result, advertising firms are some of the most popular places for new graphic designers to learn the ropes and really prove the mettle of what they learned as an undergraduate design student. With ample opportunities for growth and advancement, and higher-than-average annual salaries, this is a great area of opportunity.

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