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August 11, 2015
“21st Century Teaching

Laura Lebeda spent a lot of her adult existence like a artist for that major communication corporation AT&T. With AT&T, Lebeda carried out numerous tasks including logo design and advertisement designs, and graphic creating for other print media. As the experience there is great, Lebeda states there is something missing.

Lebeda, whose passion for art and graphics increased more powerful at AT&T, states she wanted “more personal interaction” in her own career. “I didn’t wish to be inside my computer all day long, ” Lebeda stated, “I wanted to achieve the chance to talk about my desire for art with other people.Inches Thus, Lebeda returned school, receiving her certification in K-12 education at Lindenwood. Lebeda also holds a Bachelor's in Studio Art from Webster along with a Masters within the same area from Fontbonne.

The power and talent of Lebeda is an additional excellent accessory for Trinity’s already advanced art program which happens to be an innovative outlet for college students. Lebeda plans to increase that status, and states she would like to pay attention to teaching her students how important it's to “make a note using their art.”

Former AT&ampT Professional, Laura Lebeda, began her teaching career in August at Trinity Catholic High School in North St. Louis County

Above: Former AT&T Artist, Laura Lebeda, partcipates in communication and among her students. Lebeda started her teaching career in August at Trinity Catholic Senior High School.


“There is one thing essential about visual art, ” Lebeda stated, “even if it's not the job you seek, appreciating visual art is bound to increase your existence.” Lebeda is going to be teaching an array of art classes, from Fundamentals of Art to Advanced Art, and used “amazing” to explain her initial impression from the Trinity program. For Lebeda, “the incredible variety” within the school’s program is really a blessing for that students since it “engages students whatsoever ability levels.” Among the department’s classes, Alternative Techniques for Art, is definitely an advanced course that introduces the scholars to art mediums that aren’t present in traditional fine arts programs. The scholars therefore are given an array of options in art which might inspire them with techniques that the traditional fine arts class wouldn't.

Lebeda is going to be getting her interest in contemporary art to her new position. “There a multitude of inspiring artists earning money through their artwork, ” she states, “and I would like the scholars to understand their own artistic stories could be essential in their lives.” “Artistic narratives” and “story art” are a couple of phrases that Lebeda uses when teaching her class. Based on Lebeda, these concepts are specifically essential for students in the current society. “It is really a creative outlet, ” Lebeda described, “and I have faith that students can discover a great deal about themselves through their very own work.”

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