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March 8, 2019
Creative Director

Caroline cofounded Effective Design with her husband Michael Scull in 1981. As branding specialist and creative director for the firm, she has been a sought-after hospitality and real estate branding and marketing consultant for more than 25 years and fluctuating market cycles, winning more than a dozen national awards for real estate marketing.

She came by her talent for exhibit and signage design honestly: Caroline’s grandfather was a designer at Epcon, which created such iconic Seattle signs as the Pink Elephant Car Wash and Seattle Post-Intelligencer globe. Honoring her innovative design roots, today, she balances that legacy by embracing trending technology.

MichaelWhen not creating in the studio, Caroline volunteers for the Boy Scouts of America and Special Olympics. In addition, she counts among her eclectic interests historic architecture, vintage collecting, urban farming, and cooking but the true path to her heart is paved in slices of apple pie and glasses of fine red wine.

Managing Partner

As managing director of Effective Design, Michael is responsible for account management, project estimating, budget development and long-term planning and vision. Prior to cofounding Effective Design, his exceptional management and customer service experience was honed at Nordstrom, where he was a systems analyst for 16 years.

When not strategizing in the office, Michael can be found fishing, camping, cooking, experimenting with mixology and woodworking.Janice He is also an active volunteer for Boy Scouts of America and Special Olympics, and periodically indulges in his three great guilty pleasures: Red Vines, Mai Tais and Chinese food. However, he would rather not try skydiving again. Ever.

Studio & Operations Manager

Janice wears many hats at Effective Design: operations manager, project manager, account manager and bookkeeper. Highly organized and results-driven with a keen eye for design, Janice has 14+ years of professional experience in digital media, graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a B.F.A. in film and video. Of her ability to balance the big picture with the small details, she says, “I love to make things work efficiently: a complex project, a creative studio or a visual design. I believe great design, good planning and the ability to be agile are the key elements to any success.”

Known at Effective Design as the office ninja for her stealth organizational skills, when not designing, she enjoys painting, camping, trail running and hiking. Her guilty pleasures are strong coffee, chocolate dark as night, and paper stores.

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