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February 5, 2016
Form – the language of graphic

As a graphic designer for the Vancouver Canucks Brand & Creative department, Leah Browne's main responsibilities include the creation of a multitude of materials over the course of the season, from advertising and logos, to website graphics and interactive displays


A typical day could include designing anything from ads for print publications, the next Playoff towel, the graphics at centre ice or even assisting at a photo shoot. Each day is unique.


The Brand & Creative department as a whole completes over 500 jobs per year, and works closely with each department in the organization to provide them with a wide range of print media and other design services.

The team manages the print and overall production of all print design projects and provides expert advice on how to visually represent the Canucks brand. In addition to the individual design projects throughout the year, the team creates the design standards for each season's campaign 'look' which is echoed by other departments, including web, broadcast and in-game.

Leah obtained a Diploma from Capilano University’s IDEA: Illustration & Design, Elements & Applications program, and has worked in the design industry for 6+ years. Prior to joining the Canucks, Leah worked at Karo Group in Vancouver, where she mainly developed marketing materials for real estate projects around the world, including Calgary, Argentina and Mexico.


For those wanting a role similar to Leah’s, completion of a program focusing on graphic design at a college or university is ideal.

“A formal education is valuable in the graphic design world as far as teaching the foundation of design, but I found that my skills were mainly developed and enhanced by gaining work experience in the industry. As much as I learned in school, being in the real world of design is where I gained most knowledge.”

Being able to work collaboratively is key, as well as being able to take constructive feedback.

“Everyone will have their own subjective opinions to design, and being able to collectively find the best design solution is essential.”

Internships are also a great way to get your foot in the door in the industry, and a great way to build a portfolio. Canucks Sports & Entertainment offers student associate positions throughout the year, and are posted on when available.

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